Pray It Out - Our Father's Children



Our Father's Children works with children who have suffered abuse and neglect to build their confidence and self-esteem. Through free camps, weekend retreats and mentoring programs, the organization is creating positive, uplifting memories for these precious children.

Dot & Dash is partnering with Our Father's Children to help their fundraising efforts. We designed this beautiful necklace to be sold at events, and for their convenience, we're selling it online through our website.

There's a fun back story to how this phrase was chosen. The organization wanted to encourage their volunteers and staff -- and new people they encounter -- with something encouraging and uplifting. When you see the words Pray it Out -- connect it to the rhythm of Taylor's Swift's 'Shake It Off' song -- now you have something worthwhile, catchy and memorable. You can't get it out of your head! 

They hope when you put on the necklace each morning it will remind you to send up a prayer for whatever is weighing heavy on you that day. 

The necklace is 16.5" inches long. Extenders can also be purchased here.

Bead colors: crystal cut emerald green (#277), satin medium gray (#251)

***  Dot & Dash contributes 50% of online sales revenue from the Pray it Out necklace back to the organization ***


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