Custom Jewelry FAQs

Q. How much does your custom jewelry cost?

A. Custom necklaces are $45 and custom bracelets are $42 -- plus shipping (and sales tax if you live in Texas.) 

Q. How does the word translate into a Morse code design?

A. Each letter and number of the alphabet is represented by a series of dots and dashes in Morse code. So your word(s) translate into a pattern of dots and dashes. Then we represent the dots by one color glass bead and the dashes by a second color bead. We separate each Morse code letter by a gold bead. If there is more than one word, we separate each word by two gold beads. The end result is beautiful and unique pattern.

Q. How many words or letters can be in a custom necklace or bracelet?

A. We wish there was a simple & reliable answer to this question!

For necklaces, one or two words almost always work and it gets much harder with three words. Because Morse code letters & numbers can be as short as one symbol or as long as five symbols, it is difficult to anticipate how long your words will be until you do the translation. And because each letter is separated by one gold bead and each word by two gold beads, you have to factor that in as well. Our rule of thumb is generally about 35 symbols as the max length per necklace, which typically provides enough room for the spacer beads. If you want to translate a word or two yourself to see how long it is, here is a good web page to try it out.

For bracelets, the size constraints are greater and so we limit your option to just one word (or a date) for customer bracelets. It's simpler - but more restrictive. If you want two words or more, you'll have to go with a necklace. 

Q. How soon will I get my custom order?

A. Once we receive your payment, your order will be put in the custom design queue. Our target is to ship each custom order out within 7-10 days of receiving your credit card payment. Then you have to add a few days for shipping.

Q. What are some good ideas for custom jewelry?

A. Custom jewelry representing personal names, nicknames, company names, birth dates, anniversary dates, city names, uniform numbers and school spirit are all very popular. And, you can always customize one of our 170+ standard words with your own color scheme! 

Q. Can custom jewelry be returned?

A. Because we make each piece by hand and even unworn customized jewelry can not be resold to others, all custom jewelry is non-returnable.