She’s the first one you call when life’s joys and challenges arrive at your door. Who knew that your childhood tormentress and clothes-stealing bunkmate would become your greatest companion and keeper of secrets? 

If you’re looking for a gift that reflects the special connection you’ve always had with each other, you’re in the right place. We have countless ideas for loving on your sister this year.

Most of our suggested items here are part of a set, so you can give matching necklaces, bracelets or earrings for a really special gift.

A sister is much more than a name

Somewhere along the way, as you grew older, the word sister become larger than a simple noun. Now it’s a mark of nobility and agency in your life. That’s why our Sister designs are best sellers throughout the year. We have Big Sister and Little Sister too – as they convey a special mark of endearment. Sisters is another variation on this theme, that might suit your intentions.

Do you have a nickname for her that might fit the occasion? If she’s a queenie, we already have that one made up for you. But we’d love to create a custom necklace or bracelet that says exactly what you need, in the colors that you want.


Hold the ladder for her dreams

Part of a sister’s job is to be a guardian of her sibling’s aspirations. You’ve long known what’s most important to her – and whether she’s nurturing her hopes and dreams like she should. If she’s a bit wobbly about stepping out to pursue her ambitions, messages like Dream Big or Be Extraordinary can boost her confidence. And words like Adventure, Bad Ass or Steadfast might help her find the willpower to adopt a new outlook on life or to slay old dragons.

If she’s full of faith, your sister might treasure one of our scriptural pieces like Esther 4:14 (“perhaps you were born for such a time as this…”) or Jeremiah 29:11 (“for I know the plans I have for you…”).

Encouragement in every season

You’re likely one of the few she will really hear and trust – particularly when it comes to encouragement and compliments. Whether it’s about a dress that looks good on her, or her many fine qualities, she’s going to believe what you so clearly see in her.

We have lots of messages to encourage her in any season of life. When you see her strength – she’ll love wearing Fearless or Fighter.  A reminder to hold onto what’s good? Choose Joy, Be Happy or Happiness are there for her. Does she Glow -- or need to be reminded she is Be-You-tiful? Or do you want her to believe in her self-worth or know how much she means? She will be buoyed when she puts on Worthy, Cherished or Loved in the morning.

Want to see more options for encouraging your sister? You’ll find plenty of powerful messages in our Inspirational, Love or Faith collections.

The deepest of bonds

Sisterly love is deep but not impossible to put into words. We like how You're My Person can say so much, so easily. Or you can take things back to your shared childhood with playful but heartfelt phrases like Moon & Back, My Sunshine and Love you more.

Wrapping it up

By now we're hoping the hardest question is narrowing down which of these great options should go home in your shopping cart.

No matter what you choose, our jewelry is going to arrive in a beautiful and distinctive turquoise box -- wrapped with a white bow -- that makes it very "giftable". And if you ship it directly to her, you can even include a custom note that we'll add to the package.

Have fun picking out the perfect gift -- she's going to love it --- and you're going to love giving it to her even more!   

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