She deserves so much – yet usually asks for nothing.

And while she might have swooned over the hand-painted rock you gave her in 1st grade, we know you’re setting a higher bar these days. Well – you’re in luck because over the years our gift-giving customers have loaded us up with a ton of great ideas for celebrating, supporting and recognizing mothers. 

Most of our suggested gifts here are part of a set, so you can give matching necklacesbracelets & earrings for a really special gift.

Now let’s get started on this guided tour of some of your best gift options for good ol’ Mom.


Celebrating Motherhood

She revels in the role and all it means to be a mother – your mother, specifically. To her, it’s a title of nobility. And we couldn’t agree more. So, our first stop on this tour are the designs that recognize that power and simplicity of an identity that is now interwoven with yours. We’ve got Mother and Mom, of course, and Boy Mama and Girl Mama. Mama Bear might suit her really well too. Last year we added Mother of [1,2,3,4] and it has proven to be very popular. New this year is Bonus Mom, to honor special relationships that enrich our lives. 

And if you want to get more personal, we make a TON of custom necklaces and bracelets with birthdates, and kids names (or initials).


Worthy of Being Revered
The greatness of your mother is probably obvious to you, but experience tells us she may not feel the same way.

Whether she’s a younger mom barely holding it all together, or an empty nester whose role has changed, it’s easy to feel under-appreciated, ineffective -- or even inadequate. If you detect even a hint of doubt from Mom, it's probably time to reach for gifts that emphasize how much she means to you. We have great designs to help you say “You are Loved” or to let her know she is Adored, Cherished and Worthy.

And please don’t look past Best Mom Ever and Love you Mom. We sell as many of these timeless designs for Christmas as we do for Mother’s Day. (Because moms never tire of hearing these words from their favorite people!)


Lifting up her Inner Strength and Courage

The assignment of motherhood is joyful but incredibly hard work, and it’s filled with seasons when the hills feel too numerous and steep. So we like Morse code jewelry messages – like Fearless and Steadfast – that encourage her to stand strong. Or designs like Bad Ass – to help her draw confidence from the way YOU see her.

For faith-filled moms, we have messages from scripture that point to her source of strength. Psalm 46:5 reminds her that “God is within her, she will not fall…” while Philippians 4:13 encourages her that “I can do all things through God who gives me strength.”  Of course, she might have a favorite bible verse of her own, which you can turn into a great custom gift.


Shared Memories

How about a gift that instantly melts her heart and brings her back to your earliest together moments? Something that shouts “me and you mom” – we’ve been this way from the very beginning?

We have three great gifts that will rekindle the warmest memories of your childhood, and her motherhood, with Moon & Back, My Sunshine, and Love you more.

Trust us – these messages bring the sweetest reactions from everyone who gives or receives one!


For Grandmothers (and Greats)

If you’re lucky enough to have an elder at the top of the family matriarchy, you know how blessed you are. But finding gifts worthy of these generational superheroes can be a tall order! 

It’s quite likely some of the ideas above will work perfectly, but we also have grandmother nicknames that they absolutely LOVE to wear. So if she’s a Gigi, Nana, GrandmaLolli or Mimi, you’re immediately set. But we love doing custom jewelry for those less common names like MiMaw, Birdy, or Honey.

Here are two pro-tips for getting Gram set up. She probably likes a necklace more than a bracelet. And if she has a few extra wrinkles around her neck, you might want to pick up our extender to make sure it’s comfortable on her.


Shout-out to Military Moms

We’d be remiss to leave this guide without mentioning the gifts we created for a very special kind of mother. If you know a mom who wakes up every day thinking about her daughter or son serving in the armed forces, be sure to pick up an Army Mom, Navy Mom, or Air Force Mom necklace. We guarantee she’ll treasure the chance to wear it every day.


Wrapping It Up 


Phew! We've covered quite a few ideas for giving a really meaningful gift to Mom. By now we're hoping the hardest question is narrowing down which of these great options should go home in your shopping cart.

No matter what you choose, our jewelry is going to arrive in a beautiful and distinctive turquoise box -- wrapped with a white bow -- that makes it very "giftable". And if you ship it directly to her, you can even include a custom note that we'll add to the package.

She's going to love it --- and you're going to love giving it to her! 

PS -- be sure to also check out our other gift guides for daughters and sisters.