Your Stories

Behind every piece of jewelry is the story of why it matters to you or the woman you’re giving it to. 

Your stories are sweet -- like the "Prom?" necklace that delivered a date for the big dance.

Your stories are raw -- like the names of lost love ones who you'll never get over.

Your stories encourage -- cancer fighting friends, nurses who make a difference, employees who rock, and hurricane healers.

Your stories connect -- lifelong friends, sorority initiates, wedding parties, and cheerleading squads.

Your stories are funny -- like nicknames for sisters and slightly naughty friends.

Your stories inspire -- because each item you give shows that you care deeply.

The story behind your jewelry can be an encouragement to others. And we're collecting them so that they can be shared in positive of ways. 

If you've given or received a Dot & Dash product, would you consider telling us your story? You may submit via the form below or via text message to 512-850-4037.