Merchandising Tips for our Acrylic Display Stand

October 03, 2022

Our beautiful gift boxes turn an acrylic stand into a high impact display that's sure to catch your customer's eye. That's why we give all new stores a free acrylic stand with their opening order.

We searched far and wide to find the perfect stand for our jewelry, and we love this option because you can fit a lot of product into a small space. And it works well with the different sized boxes we have for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

In this video Karen covers a few key tips for getting the most out of these display stands, including how to sequence the different product types for maximum visibility.


We highly recommend having at least two stands to display as much inventory as possible. This is a product line where each different SKU will lure in a buyer on the gift hunt for a special occasion. Having a Godmother or Dream Big piece under the table, or in a drawer, misses the mark when a new mom or graduation-present buying aunt walks by!

If you want to order additional acrylic stands for your store, email and she will get you going. We provide them to you at our wholesale cost of $27 each plus shipping.



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