Congrats Class of 2022! With Love, The Dot & Dash Team

June 02, 2022

Congrats Class of 2022! With Love, The Dot & Dash Team

Dot & Dash celebrated 2022 graduates with a SuperGrad contest to give away our Morse code jewelry to students with great stories of achievement, hard work or overcoming adversity.

We are proud to share the stories of a few of our @dotanddashdesign SuperGrad Contest Giveaway Winners. Each has a unique and amazing story submitted by their friends & family.


"I Love You" Tells the Story of this Class of 2022 Mom

Beautiful moments occur at the Dot & Dash Design studio each time our team receives a story from a caring friend or family member about how a design impacted someone they love. 

Lezlie shared a bit about her daughter Sadie in her SuperGrad entry, "Sadie is a self-driven, humble, hard-working girl. She is a straight A student, an athlete and a youth coach. She cares about others and goes out of her way to make new people/students welcome in different situations. She is a friend to everyone, a mentor to kids going through hard times in elementary school, she is beautiful inside and out. She has healthy respect for coaches and teachers and cares what they think of her. Her work ethic shows that. We are so proud of her and her success in school and on the field."

Congrats to this SuperGrad, Sadie, who is going on to play collegiate Lacrosse this fall. As a winning entry, Lezlie, was able to share this beautiful "I Love You" bracelet with her daughter. 



"Be Extraordinary" Fits this Class of 2022 Grad

Jessica’s husband shared her amazing Class of 2022 story. 

His SuperGrad entry included his pride in Jessica's accomplishments, "She is a hard working woman who has gone through a lot. Because of health issues, she was afraid she might not be able to graduate. God said otherwise. Not only is she a first in the family to graduate, but she graduated with honors. She has worked so hard to achieve this!"  This family was so encouraging to the Dot & Dash community as we received this story of perseverance in the face of challenges! Congrats!


A Grandmother's Gift of "My Sunshine" 

Cami’s grandmother submitted Cami's SuperGrad entry. She proudly explained how Cami’s faith in Christ has been foundational during her high school athletics and her academic achievements. As a winner, Cami's grandmother selected the "My Sunshine" necklace design for her precious granddaughter.

The SuperGrad entry for Cami provides additional insights into this encouraging story, "Cami is my granddaughter. She truly lives out her faith in whatever sport she is playing. She took part in basketball, track and softball - and she gave it her best. She is going on to play basketball in college. She plans to pursue a degree in Special Education at a Christian college where she will continue discovering what God has planned for her life!"

Again, congrats to our amazing Dot & Dash Class of 2022 SuperGrad Winners and their proud supporters!